• Prahkeet M.

Update: Changes are coming!

Happy Friday y'all! I wanted to share a bit of an update on life and business with you...

Raising two little ones has brought its challenges with being able to sew at the level I used to. This is why inventory has been so low on my Etsy and website. I'm currently working on adding back some of the basics like my wrap skirts, earrings, bags and headwraps. I've been slowly transitioning into more formal wear with bridal soon to come. I'm really excited about that. Being able to work on single pieces with high detail is challenging yet very rewarding! I've found a renewed love for my craft in doing so.

Also, I've started a blog (welcome!) and a YouTube channel is coming soon! I get so many requests for help, ideas and recipes that I decided it's time to stop holding back and share these gifts while also sharing my experiences as I continue to learn more. The information can benefit anyone but this blog is aimed at Moms wanting PRACTICAL & AFFORDABLE natural/vegan lifestyle tips and recipes. For now, it will still fall under the banner of Sun's Flower Creations so if you'd like to stay updated, you're already in the right place. Be sure to subscribe!

I do hope you continue to stick with me during this next phase. I'm very excited and look forward to interacting with you all in different ways. If you're not interested in the blog, don't worry! I'll still be creating, selling and accepting orders for custom formal designs.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and have the best weekend!

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