Mask 1

Ships in 1-3 days.

100% Cotton double layered mask with adjustable elastic behind the head or ears. Masks have filter pocket. Filter not included. WASH OR DISINFECT BEFORE USE.

 **This mask is NOT intended to be a replacement for the N95 Covid-19 masks. Cloth masks provide a barrier for dust, odors, moisture and small particles that can carry bacteria. The CDC recommends cloth masks as an option when medical grade masks are unavailable. These masks are now recommended for everyone. 

*DIY filters include but aren't limited to a paper towel cut to size, non-fusible interfacing, muslin fabric, felt fabric, polypropylene fabric and coffee or AC filters.

Wash cold water, delicate cycle. Hang to dry.

To sanitize: Boil water, let mask sit for 5 minutes. Hang to dry or use dryer.


2018 Sun's Flower Creations

Created on by Prahkeet M.